Wednesday, November 16, 2005

an apology

to everyone who read my blog yesterday, I apologize for being such a nutcase. I know you all rolled your eyes and thought, "this girl is genuinely losing it." I am sorry for subjecting you to that.

I prefer to keep the details of my date with David last night under wraps because for once in my life, I feel as if it is private. I will give you a brief outline of the events.

He IMed me in the afternoon, I asked him if we wanted to have dinner.
We met at 7:30 at a really nice Italian place on the East Side.
We had dinner and wine and lots of good conversation.
After dinner we walked around the block a few times and made out on the corner of 52nd and Park.
he went back to work, I walked home and could not stop smiling.
Apparently, I slept through his phone call and text message last night.

For now, that's all I can reveal. It was great, I'm still smiling. I am also learning to chill the fuck out.

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