Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I was going to write about masturbation tonight but I have something else to write about…

My night is why jdate works and also why most of the time, jdate doesn’t work. I’ve been chatting away with a boy for a few days. His name, is not David but it sort of is David. This is odd because I have dated many a David in my life. So we’re just gonna call him, David. So David’s picture on jdate is…eh. He’s definitely not ugly, and he IS cute but not fall all over yourself cute. He’s a’ight.

But he’s fucking hilarious! Several times throughout the day, I laughed out loud and drew much attention to myself (yes, I was kinda hoping that my coworker would ask what I was laughing at, but sadly he did not). But enough about him, let’s talk about me…and David.

So anyway David and I are literally talking all day long over IM. So I suggest that we meet up for a drink before Hebrew school. We meet up near his office at a cute little midtown east yuppie bar. It’s fine. From the moment we sit down he has me in stitches. I’m still a little bit sick so I laughed so hard that I started coughing. He told me to stop coughing because he doesn’t like his dates to die on a first date.

At one point I had a large piece of lime pulp hanging from my lip which he did not tell me about. But he explained that now that I’ve embarrassed myself like that, he gets a freebie. Like he could get spaghetti sauce on his shirt or button it wrong and he now has a “get out of jail free” card. It was cute, charming without trying to be charming.

At 8, which is when my class started, we both nervously looked at our watches. He really needed to get back to work and I really needed to get to class. So he paid the bill and we strolled out of the bar. He caught me a cab, kissed me and we said goodnight.

I went to class and when I left I text messaged him to see if he was still at work. He wasn’t but we texted back and forth my whole walk home. Then when I got home we had some IM time. Then he went to bed.

So here’s the thing. I had a great time with this boy. He’s awesome. The way he looked at me was like someone looking at a ray of sunshine…he was the right kind of nervous, right kind of funny right kind of smart…it was just right. The problem is that the moment I saw him I was like “eh, doesn't look like his picture...” and I can't decide whether I'm instantly attracted.

Now most jdate girls would keep this in mind and really not give this boy the time of day. But honestly, I’m not like most jdate girls. At least, I like to think I’m not. So I give him the time of day and he makes me laugh my ass off. And we click and it’s good. But I know for a fact that many of my girlfriends who are jdaters would probably brush this guy off…they probably wouldn’t go out with him in the first place. This is why jdate happened to work for me today but usually doesn’t work at all. We are all shallow even when we think we aren’t. I just happen to like dating so I went out with this boy who initially I wasn’t that attracted to. By the end of the date I was waiting, hoping for that kiss more than anything.


Anonymous said...

You're a riot. Bring him to my show!

Anonymous said...

I kind of disagree, I think that the reason that Jdate is so popular is that most Jdate girls WOULD give him the time of day... except in their cases out of desperation.

It's a happy mix of "I'm so lonely that I'll give you a chance" with "I'm a great guy if you'd just give me a chance" and visa versa.

SomedayGirl said...

I beg to differ. Just because a girl is on JDate does *not* by default make her desperate or lonely. I think a lot of girls on there (at least all of the ones I know) do get pursued in 'real life' and have no trouble meeting guys, they just aren't meeting guys of the right caliber/religion/etc. The beauty of JDate is it allows you to prioritize: for other girls, maybe looks is first. For NIY, in this case, his sense of humor was first. So it worked.

J said...

Sometimes it's the ones that don't catch us at first by eye are the ones that catch our hearts. (didn't that sound wise?)