Sunday, November 13, 2005

I realize that every new relationship is more exciting, more interesting and more functional than the last. I have come to this very important conclusion. This is why I refuse to state any of these things about my new “relationship” with David.

Things have rapidly progressed with David and I due to our “second date.” I put this in quotes because our sophomore meeting was rather unusual. Dinner and a movie? No. Skating in Bryant Park? No. Theatre? No, none of these things could compare to our second date. It consisted of the usual elements you might find on any normal second date. Good conversation, a meal and some smooching. The thing that made our date odd was that it all took place during a 6 hour drive from DC to New York.

As some of you know I was in DC this weekend “dropping tracks in the studio” as my coworker (let’s not even touch that one) would say. By some strange coincidence (fate?) David was also in DC this weekend having a boys weekend with his friend from college. It was one of those weekends where the affianced friend’s fiancĂ© is out of town and the boys simply drink themselves stupid until one of them eventually drunk texts the new girl he’s seeing at 4 in the morning that he’s “thinking about her.”

Anyway, when David brought to my attention that he was going to be in my “old stomping grounds” this past weekend I told him how odd it was that I was going to be there as well. This is when the plotting began. David had already bought round trip bus tickets (who does that?) which were non-refundable. I was driving Laura’s car. Though I offered to drive him down with me Friday afternoon, he declined saying that he felt bad about wasting the bus fare. But by Saturday (almost 3 whole days of not seeing each other) he decided that the wasted bus fare would have to be okay and he would drive back with me on Sunday.

I was thrilled. Not that I couldn’t have made the drive alone, but I did honestly want to see him and it’s always nice to have someone to talk to in the car. So this morning I call him around 11:45, fully aware that he may in fact, still be drunk or at least hung over. A very groggy David picks up the phone and seems to perk up when he hears me say hello. He tells me that he has to wake up, become human and call me back. Which he does about an hour later. We make plans for his friend to drive him over to my house in the afternoon and we would leave from there.

This means that he got to meet my parents. I’m not sure he was prepared for this event. I mean, it wasn’t event. I tried very hard to have my looming parents pushed into the background and keep their initial meeting short. I mean, I’ve known this boy for all of 5 days at this point. So they exchange a few pleasant words, we get in the car and go.

About an hour into the car ride he notices that the odometer is about to hit 100,000 miles. He mentions that he heard somewhere that you’re supposed to kiss the person you’re driving with when you hit that landmark. I agree that this sounds like an excellent idea. So when we hit 100,000 miles I pull over to the side of the road, we both unbuckle our seatbelts and start kissing. It was pretty great. In fact, I think I got a little light headed. I certainly got flustered, which is totally weird because I saw it coming. Anyway, we took a picture of the odometer for Laura and we continued on our journey. In the whole six hours I would say collectively there was about 15 minutes of silence. He found out way too much about me, I laughed at most all of his jokes and he threatened to take me to Philly to meet his parents.

So we got back into the city and he helped me take my shit up to my apartment. I showed him around and then we got right back into the car. I took him to his place, we kissed and said goodnight. Then I shlepped the car back to Brooklyn, got on the train and came back here to write about the day.

The problem is, I’m not really sure where to go from here. This was our second date and it had all of the intimacy of a couple dating for years. There is something very familiar, very comforting about this boy. He really is that nice, Jewish boy that your mother dreams you’ll meet when she signs you up for Jdate. And I do really really like him. I just worry that this is all becoming too familiar, too fast. I mean, where are my limits? Where are my boundaries? Aren’t I supposed to have that period when I turn into a raving lunatic and constantly evaluate how often I’m allowed to call him? What about that oh-so-lovely time when I ignore him just for the sake of having him miss me? Where are the games? I haven’t had a chance to play them and frankly, I’m tickled pink. But I’m completely freaked out at the same time. I wonder if this is one of those too good to be true things where at any moment he’s going to turn it around and be like “this is all going to fast, you like me more than I like you, I’m going to go back to my ex, I just need some time…” there are so many to choose from.

I find this so amusing. I’m freaking out because I haven’t really been given a reason to freak out. And you know what? Frankly, this behavior scares the shit out of me.

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