Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not only did he get me sick, he didn’t come to work today.

So with this blog nearing it’s anniversary it seems only appropriate that I explain yet another failed attempt at a relationship.

Yes, the inevitable snub happened sometime late this afternoon. He told me that what happened on Saturday was fun, yet a drunken mistake that all of his friends have told him should not happen again as long as he and I are working together. It’s the right thing to do and I agree with him.

What I don’t agree with is the excuse: alcohol. There is only so much (in my opinion) false sense of right and wrong that alcohol will give you. I mean, the emotions have to be there, alcohol just gives you that last push right? But he stands by it. When I called him on that, all he said was that he had to be drunk to hook up with a coworker. Ouch! But what he also implied was that he would not have to be drunk to hook up with me if I weren’t his coworker. Basically, when he or I get another job, we can shag like bunnies. But until that time comes, it’s hands off buddy!

So I guess I feel better. I know that he still wants me. And it really is the best decision not to try to date behind everyone’s back. I hope he and I can still remain the flirty friends we’ve always been so that one day (okay THE day) one of us leaves we will hop into bed. As I told him, until that day comes, I guess there’s always Jdate.


Anonymous said...

Eh...In the way of the eternal pessimist...I think he's lame and so is the very ligitimate excuse.

He was lucky to get in your pants once. I think he shouldn't get another chance.


Anonymous said...

PS: LOVE IT. The site looks awesome.