Monday, December 19, 2005

I forgot what it feels like to actually be in love with someone.

There, I’ve said it, let the judging begin.

Now I know none of you have any idea what the hell I’m talking about. It has been an entire month since I have posted anything on this site. It’s not my fault! I’ve tried but fucking blogger has issues! I haven’t been able to publish anything all month. So right now, I’m doing this all manually which sucks.

Anyway back to the L word. Tarantiny and I have been seeing each other for just under a month. In that time, the longest we have been apart has been 24 hours. He’s amazing, and the best part is, he knows that I’m amazing as well. It’s so great to finally be in a place where the person you are with feels exactly the same way about you that you do about them, no more, no less. It’s really wonderful.

Let me try to explain, break it down, paint a picture. The fact is, none of you are really ever going to believe me because, let’s face it, I’ve said stuff like this before. So does it really matter how well I explain how well he and I get along? I’ll try.

He’s funny. He’s really, really funny. He’s charming and very smart. He keeps me laughing all the time when we’re together. He sends me text messages every few hours just to check in and to make me smile. He carries a postcard from one of my shows around in his pocket so he can have a picture of me with him at all times. He listens to my music on his ipod. He introduces me to fun things in the city that I never thought to do.

For example: on our 4th date (approximately 5 days after meeting) he and I met up in the village to see a movie. This wasn’t just any movie, this was Teen Witch, shown at the Sunshine theatre at midnight. Not only that, but the all grown-up actress who played teen witch was there doing a Q&A. Also, he got me to smoke a joint on the street before G-d and all the po-po! We made out (and ate shit loads of popcorn) through most of the movie. Totally fucking brilliant!

After that, we went back to my apartment and made love. It was so cold in my apartment because our heat was broken. He had me almost completely naked except my socks. We weren’t going to have sex because we had discussed it and decided to wait…fuck waiting. I whispered in his ear “wanna make love to a girl with her socks on?” It sounded a lot hotter in the moment, I swear. He looked at me, and with the same “are you sure” look that my high school boyfriend gave me right before we lost our virginities he kissed me. And we did it and it was good. And we did it again and it was better. In the morning, we did it again and it was better…you get the point.

Anyway, things are just good. Really, really good. He’s supportive of my music, I’m supportive of his film making. He talks about me to all his friends, I just mustered up the courage to reveal his presence to my mother. I’m happier than I have been in a long time.

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